The first to bring science to the beautiful game, Prozone has been leading innovation in football since 1995.

Used by over 300 clubs and organisations across the globe, our industry-leading football services inform and enhance the coaching process with objective performance information.

Committed to empowering data with meaning, our global network of knowledge and expertise enables us to deliver genuine on-field advantage to clubs and organisations at all levels of the game.

Prozone’s Football Heritage

Established in 1995, Prozone has been pioneering performance analysis for 19 years. In that time we’ve worked with many of the leading clubs and organisations in sport to deliver the world’s leading performance analysis services.

In 2011, Prozone and Amisco joined forces to lead the performance analysis industry with a strong combined vision.

We are the pioneers of performance analysis in sport. Amisco invented the technology and set the standard, Prozone created the industry. Together, our mission is to deliver insights which have a genuine on-field impact. Through intelligence and innovation, we unlock the rich potential of your data to reveal the true nature of performance.

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Discover the Nature of Performance

Providing detailed team and opposition analysis, Prozone technology facilitates the comprehensive and objective evaluation of every aspect of performance. Accurate, bespoke and fully interactive, our performance analysis services provide over 300 clubs worldwide with tangible on-field advantage.

  • Understand Performance
  • Opposition Scouting
  • Team Analysis

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Build the Complete Biometric Picture

Monitoring the physical outputs of athletes in detail, Prozone’s physiological monitoring services enable you to better evaluate the overall fitness and work rate of your players.

Measuring heart rate, recovery, reaction times, acceleration, speed, balance and body force, our GPS tracking solutions are ideal for quantifying the physical status of your players and building a complete biometric picture.

  • Performance Evaluation
  • Real-Time Performance
  • Injury Management

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Intelligent Recruitment for a Changing Game

As sport’s regulatory and financial landscape continues to shift, Prozone’s player recruitment and asset management services support clubs in applying a greater level of objectivity to the transfer market.

Enabling you and your coaching staff to enhance the due diligence process, the wealth of technical and biographical information we provide will positively transform your player recruitment and asset management strategies in a competitive marketplace.

  • Diligent Recruitment
  • Global Network
  • Strategic Support

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See Data in a New Way

As performance analysis continues to evolve, so clubs and organisations across all sports search for even greater performance advantage.

As we apply new concepts to data and develop innovative statistical models, we are happy to consult with you and your coaching staff. Helping you to implement analytics at a practical level, our team of experts will transform the way you utilise and interpret performance information.

  • Exploring Analytics
  • Practical Application
  • Analytical Consultancy

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