Intelligent Recruitment for a Changing Game

As sport's regulatory and financial landscape continues to shift, Prozone's player recruitment and asset management services support clubs in applying a greater level of objectivity to the transfer market.

Bringing a global scouting network to your fingertips, our vast performance database enables the valuation and comparison of over 80,000 players across more than 40 leagues and competitions worldwide.

Enabling you and your coaching staff to enhance the due diligence process, the wealth of technical and biographical information we provide will positively transform your player recruitment and asset management strategies in a competitive marketplace.

Diligent Recruitment

With the introduction of legislation such as UEFA's Financial Fair Play (FFP) and the Premier League's Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP), a diligent and structured approach to player recruitment has never been more important.

Supporting clubs in the due diligence process, Prozone's player recruitment services facilitate a more objective and intelligent approach to the transfer market in order to meet the demands of a changing regulatory landscape.

Global Network

Enabling scouts and coaches to access a wealth of technical, tactical and biographical player information, Prozone's player recruitment services make a global scouting network available at the click of a button.

Supporting the intuition of scouts with objective performance information, our player recruitment services enable a more forensic and thorough approach to player recruitment and asset management.

Strategic Support

More than just an analytical platform, Prozone's player recruitment offering is a fully integrated service that offers important channels of guidance and communication where required.

The analysts in our Performance Analysis Centre are dedicated to providing strategic support to clients, using their skills to supplement your knowledge and expertise as you look to optimise the information at your disposal.