Intelligent Recruitment for a Changing Game

Prozone RECRUITER is an innovative online solution that enables clubs to make technical scouting decisions supported by objective information.

Supplementing the natural intuition of your scouts with performance data on over 80,000 players worldwide, RECRUITER is tailored to suit your own unique player recruitment requirements.

Allowing the benchmarking and comparison of players across leagues and competitions worldwide, RECRUITER brings a global scouting network to your fingertips. Presenting detailed performance data and video footage, the platform is a fully integrated player recruitment and asset management system.

Diligent Recruitment

Supporting you throughout the due diligence process, RECRUITER is designed to optimise the objectivity and security of your talent identification and player recruitment strategies.

As football's regulatory landscape continues to change, RECRUITER enables organisations to develop an efficient and structured approach to recruitment in a high-stakes industry.

Bespoke Analysis

Providing video and data on players and competitions from around the world, RECRUITER is a comprehensive and invaluable addition to your player recruitment operations.

Enabling bespoke, user-defined analysis, RECRUITER facilitates the benchmarking and comparison of players in a way that accurately determines their value and ability to adapt to specific leagues and teams.

Secure Platform

In a competitive environment, the security of your data is of paramount importance.  Accessible via an encrypted website, RECRUITER enables your staff to access performance information safely and securely from anywhere in the world.

Recruitment Consultancy

As well as providing industry-leading technological platforms, Prozone also delivers tailored analytical consultancy through the expertise of Data Scientists in the Prozone Performance.Lab.

Offering specialist support on bespoke player recruitment projects, our Data Scientists transform detailed information into practical, actionable insights that complement the unique strategies and philosophies of individual clubs.