Performance in Detail

Having worked closely with Professional Game Match Officials Ltd (PGMOL) since 2002, Prozone delivers comprehensive analysis services to elite referees to assist with performance monitoring and review.

Football’s flagship referee analysis platform, PROZONE3 Referee offers detailed video footage and fitness information to support referees and their assessors in the objective evaluation of performance to ensure the highest possible standards of officiating.

Performance Review

Enabling key decisions to be scrutinised at the highest possible level of detail, PROZONE3 Referee is an integral part of the performance review process.

Supporting the objective analysis of key decisions, PROZONE3 Referee delivers the footage and data required to hold officiating to the highest standards. Providing fresh insights into refereeing performance, PROZONE3 Referee is the ideal platform for organisations seeking to enhance the accuracy and consistency of refereeing.

Fitness Monitoring

As football continues to get faster and increasingly physical at the elite level, it has never been more important for referees to maintain excellent fitness levels.

Delivering advanced physical performance information, PROZONE3 Referee tracks metrics such as distance covered, high intensity distance and top speed to provide an accurate picture of referee fitness. Helping organising bodies to closely monitor the physical condition of officials, PROZONE3 Referee is a vital platform for analysis in an increasingly fast-paced game.

Engaging Presentation

Information is at its most powerful when presented in a truly engaging format. Through multiple layers of interactive graphical content, PROZONE3 Referee brings performance data to life.

Transforming data into tangible insights, the presentation of information in PROZONE3 Referee will revolutionise the way match officials engage with performance data throughout your organisation.